about fishcat

After seemingly endless hours of swiping through dating apps I realized there was a huge problem. I saw profile after profile of people who were underselling themselves  with dull, unattractive, boring dating profiles- what I like to call Fishcats. The sad truth is that most people on dating apps are Fishcats -cool and good looking people with bad pictures, empty about sections, and terrible openers. Fishcat was created to help daters choose the right photos, write an about section that sparks a conversation, and start a conversation that leads to a connection.

about the founder


Tess is a concept designer and stylist with over 8 years experience working for a world renowned luxury fashion company in New York City. After many years single and swiping  in New York City I learned that the people I met on apps were 6000% better in real life than their dating profiles suggested. I used my skills as a concept designer to make over my friends' dating profiles. Just by simply changing pictures and rewriting about sections my friends saw massive results. They had better and more meaningful connections and an overall happier dating experience. In today's world first impressions count from your first photo, to your first hello, to your first date.  I founded fishcat to help daters put their best foot forward and date confidently.









profile makeover:


If any of profile pictures includes one of the following: tiger, macchu picchu, or a mirror selfie Fishcat is here to help. Quit looking basic, start looking one of a kind.

Fishcat will choose, edit, and order the best photos for your dating profile to improve the quality of your matches.

about me

If your about me section is "?", blank, or stats from your last physical (6', 165lbs) then you are among the millions of people on dating apps that overlook the importance of the "about me" section.

Fishcat will help you develop a personal  "About Me" section that adds personality to your profile, sets you apart from the pact, compels a swipe right, and sparks a conversation.

spark a conversation and seal the deal

If your opening line is "hey" you're doing it wrong.

Learn how to spark an interesting conversation and seal the deal for a real date.


date planning

Haven't a clue of an appropriate date spot or time to think about it? Pick the neighborhood and Fishcat will plan you the most perfect date night.



The very act of swiping can be tedious and time draining. You describe what you are looking for and Fishcat will swipe through profiles and create a curated list of connections.



You know the photos you have aren't great. With the photography service we will take cool, casual photos of you looking your finest - nothing stagey, or trying too hard. 


image consulting

First impressions count and how you present yourself is more important than you think. Work with a professional stylist to come up with solid date night stlye.












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